One of the most important industries in Australia is the trucking industry. Without it, in many ways, the country would come to a standstill. Every region throughout the state relies on the goods that are hauled by trucks each day. It is a career that comes with a lot of responsibilities but one that can be rewarding both financially and personally. Some individuals aspire to own their trucks while others are satisfied with just becoming drivers. It means that in order to be eligible for employment as a truck driver in Australia, there is a process they must go through first.

The Requirements

Each state in the country has its rules and regulations that pertain to truckers. Long haul truckers often go through several different states, and they must know what these are. They must have the proper licencing and credentials to allow them to operate in the various states.

Proper Training

It all begins with the proper training that focuses on the skills that are required for safely handling big rigs. It means choosing a quality driving school, and fortunately, throughout Australia, there are plenty to choose from.


Once the proper training has been completed, then it means applying for the licence. In order to complete this correctly, it will be comprised of both theory and practical tests. Each state has its level of licencing.

Getting Into The Business

Once all the legal requirements have been met, then the next objective is to find a truck. Many who have just finished their training will seek out truck operators who are looking for additional drivers. It can be a little tricky as a new driver to find a trucking company that will take on a new driver as a long haul operator, but there is a need for truckers so there are some that will take new drivers on in an entry-level position.