There are many different types of trucking services in Australia, and one of the most important is long haul trucking services. Australia has the perfect demographics for this type of industry.


The layout of Australia is ideal for long haul trucking as it has many miles of roads between cities that are predominantly flat with no hills to have to deal with. This has created opportunities for road trains.

What are Road Trains?

These are trucks that are comprised of three trailers, each being 44 feet long. They have twin axles with a turntable dolly. These trucks can carry 120 tons in total with the three containers. The challenge that comes with this type of trucking is that companies want experience, which makes it difficult for new drivers breaking into this industry.

The Terminology

For those who are new to the trucking industry in Australia, they will find the terminology to be slightly different compared to other parts of the world. For example, truckers are called truckies. Instead of the vehicle being a lorry, it is called a prime mover.

Truck Stops

There are several truck stops for the convenience of the truckies, but these are usually small in size. In most cases, these are spread out over every 150 miles. When it comes to fuel requirements, most of the trucks can carry enough for up to a 1,000-mile trip.

Driving Conditions

For the most part, driving conditions are good, and the truckies in Australia don’t have to deal with snow. Their challenges are the wet and dry seasons.


Truckies are in the higher-paying jobs category, but they are often under a lot of stress when it comes to meeting the constant deadlines they are subjected to. The long haul drivers also make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to being away from home and their families.