Onsite servicing – we think you’ll love the savings and convenience

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opcje binarne bitcoin Everybody knows that times are tough, margins are tight and almost every business is experiencing the effects of the resources downturn.  In difficult economic times, the businesses that succeed are those that innovate and adapt.  We know our customers are flat out trying to make a living, we also know cutting back on scheduled servicing and planned fleet maintenance is a false economy. Because we understand that almost everyone is time poor, World Diesel has decided to invest in the right equipment and personnel to offer our clients an on-site truck and trailer service and repair option for their commercial fleet. Our goal is to simplify your planned fleet maintenance... Read more

Common Trailer Repairs and How to Avoid Them

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best binary options indicator One thing’s certain, a prime mover is not much good without a trailer. So, if your trailer is out of action, you’re not delivering the goods and that’s not good for you, your reputation or your business bottom line. So, let’s look at the most common faults and how you can plan to avoid them. Trailers are hard-working pieces of equipment. They carry heavy loads over bumpy roads almost every day of their working life. Common sense tells us that nothing lasts forever, and as a wise man once said, prevention is always better than a cure. Driver’s spend hours a day in the truck and know them better than... Read more

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tadalafil tastylia prices Whether you own one truck or a fleet of commercial vehicles, good tyre management is essential. Firstly for safety, and also because it supports your bottom line. Tyres are usually the second greatest service expense for your vehicles. This is why managing your tyres efficiently makes good economic sense. Correctly managing the tyres on your commercial vehicle can deliver major reductions in your expenditure on tyres, fuel and service. Sure there’s an investment in time and effort, but when you weigh up the benefits, the cost of the management process pays for itself many times over. Implementing a tyre maintenance program is probably the simplest thing you can do to... Read more

No-fuss DoT Vehicle Inspection

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opcje binarne darmowy depozyt WA, as with all states in Australia, requires heavy vehicles to undergo the Department of Transport (DoT) vehicle inspections. While this process is easily put on the backburner, inspections ensure that your vehicle adheres to Australian safety standards, ultimately saving you from potential hassles, as well as costly expenses, down the line. You want to license your vehicle in Western Australia You receive a compliance notice(for example, a yellow sticker, work order or defect notice) You have modified your vehicle (for example, change body, engine, dimensions) Your vehicle is subject to an annual examination Body work Brakes Chassis & suspension Electrical Steering Tyres & rims Vehicle identification Vehicle modifications Maintaining your heavy vehicle... Read more

Truck Steering & Suspension

Truck Suspension

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كيف وسطاء الخيارات الثنائية كسب المال Suspension is an integral component of your fleet in several ways: Safety should be a number one priority for any truck driver, business owner or responsible fleet manager.  A major contributing factor to the overall safety of your fleet is the suspension. Maximum performance is another key component of any successful business. Achieving maximum performance from your trailer is impossible with worn truck suspension. In addition to the above, if current suspension is not performing business owners are faced with the dreaded unnecessary costs of equipment being off the road for un-scheduled repairs. Comfortable drivers are also safe and happy employees. It is well known that distracted drivers are more... Read more

5 ways to drive safely at night

Safe Night Truck Driving

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Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Without Prescription Online In the trucking industry, especially in WA, there is often the need to travel long distances at night in order to meet deadlines and avoid traffic. There are a number of challenges that drivers face with night time driving due to internal factors – fatigue, vision, short concentration spans – and external factors – darkness, wildlife, weather. In fact, driving tired is more dangerous than driving intoxicated! Safety is the number one concern for drivers and their bosses to make sure that all on board arrive at the destination unharmed. We’ve put together a list of 5 different ways that you can minimise the dangers of night driving to help... Read more

Environmental benefits of good heavy vehicle maintenance

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

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binaire opties radar A major criticism of any industry involving heavy duty, diesel vehicles is the environmental impact they have and their contribution to pollution. While this is a fair argument to make as the vehicle and engine size of heavy vehicles will make more pollution than a regular family vehicle, there are many ways that we can minimise environmental harm and adjust perceptions of truck and trailers as polluting vehicles. Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon are all released when fuel is burned, causing air pollution that leads to permanent lung damage in humans and wildlife. We take a look at how owners of heavy vehicles and fleets can reduce the impact... Read more

Don’t cut servicing & maintenance when money is tight

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binäre optionen strategie 60 sekunden When business is light and you are forced to review outgoing costs nothing in the expense book is free from scrutiny. For companies that have regular maintenance plans for heavy vehicle and trailer servicing it can be tempting to cut servicing frequency or switch from a preventative schedule to reactive activity only. There are a number of reasons as to why you would be wise to maintain heavy vehicle servicing during lighter times of business. When you spend money to fix a problem that has already occurred then you will spend more than if you were to have spent money preventing the problem from originally occurring. There are multiple reasons... Read more

Why a preventative maintenance plan is crucial for your fleet


All vehicles in your fleet and under your care should have a preventative maintenance plan created. A preventative maintenance schedule – when adhered to – can do wonders for your overall vehicle costs and extend the life of your vehicle. These plans empower employees and have a number of other benefits. Proactive maintenance is cheaper Monitoring the health of a car or truck means that you can catch any minor issues early and fix them while they are easy and inexpensive to repair. Reactive maintenance means that you only act on mechanical issues once they’ve become apparent. Often by this stage it is too late. These issues are likely to... Read more

The importance of heavy vehicle accreditation

Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

WA laws dictate that many types of heavy vehicles must complete an accreditation service from an approved provider to operate for profit in WA. While this process can seem daunting, confusing and time-consuming there are a number of benefits to heavy vehicle accreditation, and with an experienced heavy vehicle mechanic like the team at World Diesel the audit is a simple and hassle-free process. Heavy vehicle accreditation is mandatory for operators in WA that have: A vehicle over 42.5 tonnes B-double vehicles Road trains Concessional loading scheme An annual permit or notice To become accredited your business must recognise and incorporate 2 modules into your day-to-day operations. The first module... Read more