A long haul trucker has a lot of essential things that they must consider each time they are going on a run. The most important responsibility they have is getting their load delivered to its destination in a safe manner and according to the deadline. To accomplish this, they have to be sure that the truck is in good running order. They have to be prepared for any breakdowns.

Being Prepared

First, the trucker needs to know that the truck has gone through its proper maintenance regime before heading out on the road. How often this is required will be under the truck owner and the legal requirements. Heavy trucks are required to go through a DOT Inspection yearly. Aside from this, most truck owners have a routine where the truck will go into for servicing periodically.

On The Road

Even those trucks that have been properly serviced will on occasion break down during a run. When this happens, the trucker needs to make some decisions. In some cases, if the repair parts are with the trucker, he can repair. In other cases, there may be a need to call in a roadside service.

Common Mishaps

There are several different mishaps that a trucker may have to deal with.

  • Mechanical Breakdowns: This can occur from something simple such as the alternator going. If the driver has the spare part, he may be able to repair this himself.
  • Glass Breakage: There are times where an object can hit the windshield of the truck and create the need for replacement. This is something that has to be attended to immediately.
  • Towing Services: Not all break downs can be attended to at the roadside. The truck may need to be towed to a service centre capable of fixing big rigs.

This is just a shortlist of common truck repairs that may be needed.