Australian truckers working long haul shifts have to be able to rely on the right roadside assistance. They undoubtedly cover a lot of territories when they are on a run. If the truck breaks down, they need to rely on resources that can either fix the truck on the spot or tow it to a nearby repair service centre.

The Right Tow Trucks

If the rig needs towing, it may not be just any recovery vehicle that can be able to tow it. Truckers need to know what type of towing company to call. In some cases, the truck may be fully loaded, and the recovery vehicle must have the capacity to be able to tow this. Heavy-duty tow trucks are based on the chassis which is comprised of multiple axes.

Being Prepared

Most long haul truck drivers go through many different regions when on a run. They need to know what resources are available to them in each of these areas if the truck breaks down. They can do this research when they are planning for their run. Or, the company they are working for can arrange to opt into a roadside plan. This way no matter where the trucker may be, he knows immediately what resource to call if there is a need.

What Does a Good Roadside Plan Consist Of?

A roadside plan can reduce a lot of stress for the drivers and the truck owners. A quality plan will be one where there is only a fixed fee, no matter how many calls are made. There should be an extensive network of highly skilled technicians who are trained to handle all of the problems that come with a truck breakdown. They should be available around the clock as truckers are on the road at all hours.