October 2013

The cost of congestion in Perth

Tired of road congestion in Perth? Convinced that it has a negative impact on your business’s productivity and profit? So are 83% of the small-to-medium sized businesses that participated in a recent survey. What Perth’s businesses are saying In that same survey, 97.3% said that congestion had caused their workers to spend more time on... Read more

Time to take safety more seriously?

Thought that safety was a forgone conclusion when it comes to running your fleet? Well, according to the NTC’s recent Heavy Vehicle Compliance Review – while things are better than they once were in the Heavy Vehicle industry – there’s still room for improvement. Changes are afoot (Encouraging better compliance in the HV industry) Based... Read more

Don’t lose your fleet to fire!

Thinking that won’t happen to you?… Can you be sure? The sad fact is that recent reports suggest truck fires are becoming an increasing problem for the trucking industry. In 2011, 12.1 % of major losses reported to Australia’s leading truck insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI) were as a result of non-impact fires. Undoubtedly, this... Read more