Truck Trailer Brakes

Brake and Suspension Testing

Want to stay roadworthy and stay safe?

Brake testing and suspension checking is very important for trucks and trailers. World Diesel can perform these tests and checks on your vehicles and then provide you with a printout and chart record of your vehicles braking performance, along with a detailed suspension report.

A VIS-Check by our team of experts analyses truck and trailer efficiency and road worthiness using advanced vehicle inspection technology that meets regulatory authority standards for road registration requirements. Our dynamic road simulator allows us to quickly diagnose and inspect steering and suspension components throughout the vehicle. King pins, bearings, suspension bushings, cab mounts, tie rods and other undercarriage components can be quickly inspected, and any issues quickly identified and rectified.

Using World Diesel to conduct your truck or trailer brake testing and suspension checks is ideal as part of a successful preventative maintenance programme to identify faults before they cause problems. We have the latest VIS brake testing and suspension equipment, including a state of the art VIS Roller brake test and shaker machine.

So to keep your truck and trailers roadworthy, and to identify any issues before they even arise, contact World Diesel now.