Don’t cut servicing & maintenance when money is tight

When business is light and you are forced to review outgoing costs nothing in the expense book is free from scrutiny. For companies that have regular maintenance plans for heavy vehicle and trailer servicing it can be tempting to cut servicing frequency or switch from a preventative schedule to reactive activity only. There are a number of reasons as to why you would be wise to maintain heavy vehicle servicing during lighter times of business.

Save money in the long run

When you spend money to fix a problem that has already occurred then you will spend more than if you were to have spent money preventing the problem from originally occurring. There are multiple reasons for this:

  1. It will take longer to fix a problem than to prevent it. The hours that your mechanic must spend to isolate and remedy a situation with your vehicles will increase once the damage has been done.
  2. Longer to fix the problem means greater time off the road. When you are having to work extra hard for every dollar you earn to run a profitable business you can’t afford to have any portion of your fleet down for maintenance as it will eat into your potential revenue.
  3. One thing going wrong will have a domino effect. One part breaking or being damaged can have a negative impact on other parts of the vehicle. The longer the original problem goes unnoticed the bigger the damage to the rest of the vehicle will be and the more it will cost your business.
  4. Well-maintained vehicles are less likely to experience problems that require large, costly repairs at short notice. If your business is struggling to make ends meet I am willing to bet that you aren’t in the position to cover a breakdown and the ensuing repairs from a financial point of view. By keeping up to date with regular maintenance that you can financially plan for you can breathe a little easier knowing that you won’t be hit with a huge invoice for spare parts and labour any time soon.

If your business is currently in a tight spot we highly recommend keeping up with regular checks and maintenance. To discuss what options are available for your fleet give the team at World Diesel a call on 08 9331 4066 or get in touch online here.

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