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Heavy Diesel Mechanic

For businesses all over Perth, their fleet of heavy goods vehicles is their lifeline. Reliable transport is how they transport their product and how they earn their living. Because so much hangs in the balance, choosing who to entrust the care and maintenance of your fleet can be difficult. So, how do you know that your commercial vehicles are in safe hands?

Training, experience and practical knowledge

At World Diesel, our success is underpinned by our experienced team of highly qualified diesel mechanics. The service and repair of heavy vehicles are entrusted to us. Their product knowledge and expertise means issues are diagnosed, repairs are made, scheduled servicing is done and your vehicle is back on the road, earning its living as soon as possible.

We invest in our workforce. Naturally our Apprentices benefit from supervised on the job training where they work with and are mentored by an experienced diesel mechanic. They also participate in competency based training as part of their apprenticeship.

Because our industry is constantly evolving, and because we believe in constant improvement, all of our senior mechanics attend regular seminars or training programs to make sure they’re across new developments and diagnostics.

Our Perth based workshop is easy to access in O’Connor. Our heavy diesel mechanics have C Class driver’s licences which allows them to road test your vehicle before and after repairs and maintenance. Plus, we are able to offer a pick-up and delivery service if you don’t have the staff or the time to get your vehicle to us.

Breakdown? Don’t stress

World Diesel provides its customers with a 24/7 rapid response breakdown. One of our experienced Perth Diesel Mechanics will drive to you and either get you going, or tow your truck back to our workshop for repairs.

World Diesel – where everything is under one roof

We pride ourselves that we are truly a one-stop shop for all heavy vehicle repair needs. We have a workforce which are experts in their trade, and have the ability to diagnose and repair almost any structural or mechanical issue that you may encounter, and we work to a consistently high standard. Some of our people specialise in particular areas, meaning you get the best and most up to date service every time.

The way we do business

Our heavy commercial mechanics work with a great deal of autonomy. They operate under our code of ethics that insists on transparency and accountability. This means every vehicle that enters our workshop is thoroughly assessed. Our Heavy Diesel Mechanics carry out an inspection to look for and identify issues so they can be rectified before they become a catastrophe. Once the assessment is made, we talk through any problems with the customer. It’s amazing how a quick conversation with one of our expert technicians can provide peace of mind.

We offer top quality service and competitive prices. All of our estimates are provided free of charge and our detailed service report and billings help you to keep in control of the process and stay on top of the costs.


Talk to us on 08 9331 4066 about how we can keep your fleet moving.