Let’s talk tyres

Whether you own one truck or a fleet of commercial vehicles, good tyre management is essential. Firstly for safety, and also because it supports your bottom line. Tyres are usually the second greatest service expense for your vehicles. This is why managing your tyres efficiently makes good economic sense.

Tyre management – the why?

Correctly managing the tyres on your commercial vehicle can deliver major reductions in your expenditure on tyres, fuel and service. Sure there’s an investment in time and effort, but when you weigh up the benefits, the cost of the management process pays for itself many times over.
Implementing a tyre maintenance program is probably the simplest thing you can do to reduce tyre blow-outs, increase fuel efficiency and improve productivity. The most common reasons for excessive wear and tear or tyre failure includes:

  • Overloading – use the correct tyre and distribute the weight evenly.
  • Incorrect tyre pressure – over or under inflation causes structural damage.
  • Poor tyre rotation – protects and extends the life of the tyre.
  • Incorrect alignment and balancing – a major cause of tyre wear.
  • Bad driving technique – heavy breaking and cornering at high speeds can damage tyres.

If your tyre specialist reports bald patches, uneven wear and tyre damage. It’s time to provide some guidance and training to your drivers on tyre maintenance and management.

Tyre management – the how?

Managing tyres should be part of every vehicle owner’s routine and it starts with selecting the right tyre for the job. To make an informed decision, you need to understand the different types of tyres, tyre designs, speed operations, how treads work and the impact of weight loading.

  • Loading – remember to manage the load by weight not volume. Positioning the load correctly will reduce tyre wear, servicing and fuel costs.
  • Get the pressure right. Too much and the centre of the tyre wears excessively, too little and the walls and edge break down fast.
  • Rotate – set a regular date for a professional check and rotation.
  • Always realign and balance when tyres are rotated.
  • Educate drivers about how their driving techniques can impact on the life of the tyres.

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than tyre replacement.

Tyre Management – the where?

World Diesel has been keeping WA’s trucks and trailers on the move since 2004. We’ve become the trusted partner to everyone from owner operators to large companies with big fleets. We’ve also built our reputation on providing an excellent no fuss service and our customers know they can trust us to deliver a professional service and a holistic approach to commercial vehicle and tyre maintenance.
World Diesel’s tyre specialists can provide advice on how to manage your tyres as part of your overall vehicle maintenance program. So talk to us today about the tricks of the trade for tyre performance, tyre fitting and tyre alignment and maintenance.

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