No-fuss DoT Vehicle Inspection

WA, as with all states in Australia, requires heavy vehicles to undergo the Department of Transport (DoT) vehicle inspections. While this process is easily put on the backburner, inspections ensure that your vehicle adheres to Australian safety standards, ultimately saving you from potential hassles, as well as costly expenses, down the line.

Reasons you may need an inspection

  • You want to license your vehicle in Western Australia
  • You receive a compliance notice(for example, a yellow sticker, work order or defect notice)
  • You have modified your vehicle (for example, change body, engine, dimensions)
  • Your vehicle is subject to an annual examination

What will be examined?

  • Body work
  • Brakes
  • Chassis & suspension
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Tyres & rims
  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle modifications

The importance of maintenance

Maintaining your heavy vehicle ensures it is safe for yourself as well as for other road users and protects you from any potential liabilities. Consider the recent case in NSW where a truck driver was observed by police to be travelling at 40km/h in a 110km/h area. Checks of the man’s driver’s license revealed it had been suspended while the trucks registration had been cancelled. Could it get worse? Eight of the ten tyres were below legal tread depth, the drivers mirrors were missing and the windshield was cracked, to name a few defects. The man has been formally charged.

In the case that your vehicle is overdue for its DoT inspection, keep an eye out for common faults such as worn steering components, defective tyres, spongy brakes or damaged headlights.

The good news is that World Diesel is an authorised heavy vehicle inspection and registration centre and they can take care of all your DoT inspection requirements, no fuss. In the one appointment World Diesel can examine your vehicle in accordance with the above points as well as make any necessary repairs.

World Diesel is an authorised and approved DoT inspection station centre for heavy vehicles. Why go through all that hassle when we can handle it for you? With our efficient online booking system you can choose a time convenient for you. For hassle-free heavy vehicle DoT inspections or registrations, book your inspection contact the team on 9331 4066.

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