Onsite servicing – we think you’ll love the savings and convenience

Everybody knows that times are tough, margins are tight and almost every business is experiencing the effects of the resources downturn.  In difficult economic times, the businesses that succeed are those that innovate and adapt.  We know our customers are flat out trying to make a living, we also know cutting back on scheduled servicing and planned fleet maintenance is a false economy.

Because we understand that almost everyone is time poor, World Diesel has decided to invest in the right equipment and personnel to offer our clients an on-site truck and trailer service and repair option for their commercial fleet. Our goal is to simplify your planned fleet maintenance schedule and respond to any emergencies quickly. It’s how we work with you to minimise any down time for your fleet.

How it works

World Diesel has established a number of customised on-site mobile service and repair units. To make sure they’re up to the job, we’ve fitted them out with the technology for diagnostics and all the right tools and consumables we need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Each unit has an industry-designed Oil Vac system on board to ensure we comply with statutory waste management protocols. Our mobile service and repair units are staffed by our own highly qualified and experienced service truck technicians, who come prepared to carry out most standard services at YOUR premises.

The Benefits

Taking any of your hard-working fleet off the road cuts into your productivity margins. Having to make time to deliver the vehicle to our workshop and picking it up again uses staff hours that could be better spent elsewhere. Our onsite service offers convenience and these benefits:

  • We work with you to develop a maintenance program for your trucks and trailers, so they are repaired off peak when they’re not scheduled for deliveries. This offers significant efficiencies by reducing down time.
  • Fleet Managers know time is money. Regular maintenance and servicing ensure your fleet operates at optimal capacity and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns.
  • Consistency is good for business. We assign a qualified technician who knows and understands your fleet. They keep meticulous records, and stay one step ahead of any potential problems, it’s like having your own mechanic on staff, but without the overheads.

Our Commitment

World Diesel’s primary objective is to make life easier for our customers, leaving them to focus on what they do best, running their own business. We achieve this by going that extra mile to get your truck or trailer back on the road quickly and efficiently with our mobile mechanic service.

To experience the World Diesel difference, put in a call into our truck and trailer mobile service office and tell us about your service needs and fleet schedule. We can dispatch one of our specially equipped mobile repair vehicles to your premises at short notice for urgent jobs.

We also offer a 24/7 break down service. World Diesel offers top quality services at competitive prices. Talk to us on 08 9331 4066 about how we can keep your fleet moving.

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