The importance of heavy vehicle accreditation

Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

WA laws dictate that many types of heavy vehicles must complete an accreditation service from an approved provider to operate for profit in WA. While this process can seem daunting, confusing and time-consuming there are a number of benefits to heavy vehicle accreditation, and with an experienced heavy vehicle mechanic like the team at World Diesel the audit is a simple and hassle-free process.


Heavy vehicle accreditation is mandatory for operators in WA that have:

  • A vehicle over 42.5 tonnes
  • B-double vehicles
  • Road trains
  • Concessional loading scheme
  • An annual permit or notice

To become accredited your business must recognise and incorporate 2 modules into your day-to-day operations. The first module deals with fatigue – one of the leading causes of road accidents and an important consideration for employee safety. The second module focuses on vehicle maintenance; something World Diesel are advocates for and have written about previously.

Prior to the audit for these modules you must create a management protocol for fatigue and heavy vehicle maintenance. Upon submission of these processes your business will receive a provisional WAHVA Scheme membership. After 3 months the auditor must return to your workplace and carry out a follow up audit to be submitted to Main Roads.


All benefits from heavy vehicle accreditation servicing and auditing stem from the increased safety that result from accreditation.

Improved safety means less down time for vehicle repairs and more time that your vehicles can be on the roads. Better safety practices improve employee morale and as a result the quality of their work improves – giving your business better results.

Improved management practices improve productivity from the paperwork side of business. Slick management practices mean that vehicle services won’t get missed and finding documentation for your fleet becomes easier so you can spend more time on revenue-generating tasks. With these practices comes transparency. In the event of an accident involving your vehicles you can present thorough background on the safety upkeep of your vehicles, avoiding potential legal trouble.


World Diesel are highly qualified heavy vehicle mechanics that are certified HVA auditors that can conduct your accreditation services. To book your vehicles in for accreditation you can contact us on 9331 4066 or make an enquiry here.

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