Truck Steering & Suspension

One of the most important investments you can make

Truck Suspension


Suspension is an integral component of your fleet in several ways:

  1. Safety should be a number one priority for any truck driver, business owner or responsible fleet manager.  A major contributing factor to the overall safety of your fleet is the suspension.
  2. Maximum performance is another key component of any successful business. Achieving maximum performance from your trailer is impossible with worn truck suspension.
  3. In addition to the above, if current suspension is not performing business owners are faced with the dreaded unnecessary costs of equipment being off the road for un-scheduled repairs.


Comfortable drivers are also safe and happy employees. It is well known that distracted drivers are more prone to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Simple maintenance and repairs can avoid the driver’s attention being diverted off the road, due to all the unnecessary shacking & movement caused by worn suspension components.


Suspension is what ensures you are in constant contact with the ground even when faced with the variety of surfaces truck drivers encounter on their normal day to day duties. Not being in constant contact with the road surface is extremely unsafe and is often a contributing factor in road accidents.

Steering & Alignment

Wheel alignment also plays a vital role in the performance of the truck. Poor wheel alignment can cause a variety of issues for the driver, Such as un-even wearing tyres, worn out ball joints and also draglinks. When integral parts of the truck steering system are not regularly inspected and maintained they become a serious issue for the safety of the drivers in these vehicles.  One example is kingpins. In worst case scenarios, if steering kingpins are not greased at the specified intervals, failure can result in complete loss of steering which can cause unforeseen damage to the truck and even worse the driver.


Good suspension on your truck will increase your reaction time and better your chances of recovery in the event of something going wrong. Worn suspension will affect the stopping distance of vehicles which can be the difference between preventing unnecessary accidents.

To discuss any problems that you are having with your suspension or to book in for a suspension test, get in touch with the truck experts at World Diesel here or on 08 9331 4066.

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