Are your truck tyres up to scratch?

Good tyre management is an important key to making a transport operation profitable. Tyres are usually a fleet’s second largest service expense. Investing time and commitment to correctly manage tyres will return major reductions in the cost of tyres, fuel and service, which will repay the cost of the management process many times over.


The greatest benefits are usually achieved by implementing relatively easy processes, and our team at World Diesel in Perth can help explain the basic steps of good tyre management. We all should know these basic steps, but unfortunately we often ignore them.


The first component of good tyre management involves selecting the right tyre for each application, understanding pressure specification and maintenance, and the way that tyres are designed and branded for specific load and speed operations. World Diesel’s tyre specialists can explain some of the ways good tyre service and vehicle maintenance affect tyre performance, particularly in relation to tyre fitting and alignment maintenance. The second component of good tyre management involves understanding the effect ignoring these factors can have on tyres – and how to identify and correct causes of abnormal tyre wear.


It is also necessary to monitor and record tyre performance to ensure they actually achieve the desired economic return for the money and time invested in tyres and tyre management. This valuable information should be the basis for good decisions in the future. There are several excellent tyre data management services available from World Diesel but a note book in each glove box may be all that is required for a smaller fleet.


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